I sold this car in 2005. It was a beautiful car, and a testimony to my dad's talents with paint and detail. These photos just give a hint of how beautiful a car it is. Unfortunately, it was not a practical car to drive, and certainly not for someone with no garage. It now has a happy home in Florida with a nice roof over its head, and I have a 1999 Mustang GT. The Mustang cannot compare in looks to the FIAT, but it still has that clean longitudinal engine orientation that I love and with twice the cylinders, it makes up in umph what it lacks in finesse. Dad still has his three FIATs. I will always look back with fondness on the black spider that was once mine. However I feel good knowing that it gets driven more by its new owner, and that he has the time, money and garage to make it last. The Mustang is a fun sports car, the black FIAT was a jewel!
I have considered taking down the FIAT part of this site, but I find that the pictures are linked to from all over the world. Especially the engine shots. Dad really did his research and a lot of hard work that resulted in a FIAT 124 engine to be envied. I do miss the sound of the dual carbs! Fuel injection is practical, but nothing beats the sound of a row of carburetors sucking in the air!