The Spring

This is a spring-fed pool. We swim in it, our neighbors use it for laundry and haul water from it every morning for household chores. Our water is piped from the underground source to holding tanks on the hill, so all the houses on the center have pure running water.

The water is too cold for some of our folks, but it is refreshing on a hot day, and definitely warmer than Lake Michigan! During the flood the water came up over the high diving board. And after our earthquake last week, our pipes were disturbed and the tap water ran brown for a while. Never a dull moment...

Granola Workshop

These Filipinos were our guests during a translation workshop. They enjoyed Pearl Williams' granola so much that she got to conduct her own workshop in our kitchen!

The Dove Orchids

These only bloom for a day or two, and they appeared the day after our flood. It was as if God wanted to give us a special token of His love and care. These orchids grow on branches of most of the trees around here, and all of a sudden open into cascades of white blossoms.