Minecraft In Space

Minecraft Client Setup

Scene from Minecraft

Get Minecraft!

If you do not already have Minecraft, go to Minecraft and download it.

Note: I am using Minecraft version 1.5


I use the OptiFine client mod, but it isn't required. The OptiFine page also links to MagicLauncher, which is the easiest way to make OptiFine work with Minecraft.

Texture Pack

The way that all of the blocks in Minecraft looks is determined by the Texture Pack. If you want your world to look like my screen shots, then download Misa's Texture Pack and put it into your Minecraft Texture pack folder.

Note: In order to use Misa's Texture Pack you must either use OptiFine or MCPatcher. The download page for Misa's Texture Pack explains how ot set up MCPatcher and the OptiFine page explains how to use it and MagicLauncher. Either use Optifine or MCPatcher, not both.


Minecraft has a lot of options. Most things we want to do can be set in the server, but some things can only be done on the client. Unfortunately that means they will affect all worlds equally. So you may want to pick which ones you really want, or change them back, and forth when you are in different worlds. Here are the client options I set that I think enhance the way the "space" world looks and works.

Note: Some of these options may not exist if you are not using OptiFine. If you cannot find the option I mention, just ignore it.

  1. Choose "Misa's 64x64 Realistic Pack" under Options, Texture Packs
  2. Options, Video Settings, Details, Clouds: OFF
  3. Options, Video Settings, Other, Lagometer: OFF
  4. Options, Video Settings, Other, Debug Profiler: OFF

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